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Summertime, and through the year

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Greetings Music Lovers and Lyn_Sey Nation,

Bro here. Sis and I pray that you and yours have had a happy and healthy Spring and early Summer.

As the days get longer and the temps get higher, most of us start longing for something a little more tropical, right? That’s where we come in. In fact, Sis and I along with John Johnson and the other guys at in Covington GA have put together the first release of Lyn_Sey’s country album “Real Thing”. It’s a Tropi-Country ditty in the vein of Kenny Chesney and Sugarland... with a quick nod to the Beach Boys called “Good Ole Summertime.” Now THAT is a combination and you are going to absolutely LOVE it! We released it on all major streaming services just in time for Memorial Day Weekend... which is traditionally the unofficial start of Summer. It’s fun, carefree... all things Lyn_Sey. It’s the perfect song to add to your Summer Playlist this year. In fact, Steven Azami Of Radio Airplay Says, "Everyone loves a Summer anthem, and this one is remarkable." Thanks Steven... we appreciate the kind words and your support.

Later this summer, get set for the full release of “Real Thing,” our first country album. Just as you would expect, there will be something for everyone no matter what sub genre of Country or Americana you’re interested in. Great melodies, interesting arrangements, amazing harmonies, poignant lyrics... all the things you’ve come to love about Lyn_Sey and our journey together.

Plus, still to come in 2022: an inspirational album, as well as some Christmas singles.... It’s going to be a busy 2022 and a lot to be listening for from Lyn_Sey.

Are you ready to Lyn_Sey?

Enjoy the music,


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