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Full Circle

  • Hi Everyone, Thanks for stopping by to get the latest news. Well April showers certainly do bring May flowers. May has been a month full of blessings for Bro and I. We received several award nominations and finalist notifications and also a couple of our songs wons some awards!! You can look at our Praise Reports on the Home Page or the D'Buzz section for more specifics. We give all the honor to God because to tell you the truth if you had told me 5 years ago we would be doing this music journey, I would not have believed it. This is a place to share some things about ourselves and our music so in this blog I will give you a glimpse into our past so you can understand our journey a little more. I was part of a Christian/Urban Gospel trio many moons ago and Bro was our manager and Record label. I sang and wrote most of the music for the group. It is still hilarious to me that someone on Amazon is selling one of our "cassettes" for $74.98!! Not sure what that seller is thinking but good luck buddy! LOL Life happened and Bro had to step away and a few months later the group disbanded. After that I got heavily involved in the music ministry at my church by leading the choir and singing on the Praise Team. Sad to say life happened to me also and after leaving that church I completely lost my passion for music. In fact for many years I didn't write any songs or sing. During this time and for too many years after, Bro and I didn't speak. For this I take full responsibility. Looking back I have many regrets on the years lost with each other and our families. There were things going on in our lives that we should have been there for each other but we weren't. Thank goodness God is a God of restoration! It took our mother's death to bring us back together again but I have to say we took up right where we left off. Even though we live in separate states and rarely get to see each other, Bro is my best friend and hardly a day goes by now without us being in contact. After our reconciliation I still wasn't writing or singing but Bro bought me a keyboard in 2019 and encouraged me to get back at it. He has always been my biggest supporter! I really thought I didn't have any songs left in me but the gifts God gave me slowly began to resurface and 4 years later I have written close to 120 songs. It was in late 2019 that Bro and I started tossing around the idea of releasing these songs and I told him I wasn't going to do it without him so even though he doesn't sing, Bro is still an integral part of our group "Lyn_Sey". The background vocals he comes up with are amazing. He knows what he hears in his head but can't relay it except through words so I have to "interprete" it. Through trial and error we get it done. He is also amazing at adding instrumentation to some of our songs. He took concert piano for 8 years as well as gospel piano for three years, plus played tenor sax in the high school band, marching band and jazz band and was named first chair All State Concert Band for two consecutive years. All that experience really helps him now with arrangements. Another cool note here is that Bro had felt impressed for a few years prior to all this to start building a recording studio. He didn't really understand why but piece by piece he started buying equipment so when we decided to form Lyn_Sey we had all that we needed to record the songs. I will be honest and let you know that Bro and I aren't spring chickens. We don't do live shows and probably never will. We also both work full-time jobs and Bro's job is very demanding. Even though in my mind I am still 30, my body says otherwise and I think Bro would say the same thing. I especially have been dealing with and continue to deal with health issues. But saying all this we both feel that we have a lot of life left in us and a lot more music to share. We hope you will stay on this journey with us and we pray our music will bless you in some way. We are hoping the rest of this year to release more country and Christian songs, possibly a funk song and a Christmas tune also. Stay tuned..... Blessings and much love as always, Sis

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al yardy
al yardy
22. Mai 2023

they say everything happens for a reason in our lives. sometimes that's hard to believe, but obviously you are where you are supposed to be, no matter time, age or anything else. Keep making the wonderful music you do. Al KB

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Lyn Sey
Lyn Sey
23. Mai 2023
Antwort an

Thanks Al! Your support really means a lot to us! We love KB Radio!

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