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New Beginnings

Updated: Apr 15

Hi Everyone!

Realized we are way overdue for updates as we are already well into 2024.  While 2023 was an amazing year, this new year has already proved to be monumental for us as a group and myself personally.

In the past few months we received 9 nominations for the Red Carpet Award Show in Europe, several of our songs won songwriting awards, I had my first co-write/duet release with the talented Robbie Harte, and several of our songs reached #1 on indie charts.  

The biggest news personally is having a friendship with a music industry professional unexpectedly bud into being the love of my life. Lots of changes for me in the future as I navigate moving and starting a new life but Lyn_Sey is still cranking out music and doing what we love to do.

One of the things we really want to do this year is put out some Christmas music. We have been trying for the past couple of years but for one reason or another it hasn't worked out  So we are hopeful 2024 is gonna be the year for at least one (maybe more) Christmas tunes.  

We pray that all of you are doing well in your journeys and we thank you again so much for your support of our music!  You mean the world to us!

Much Love!


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