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*** Music Review by Steven  F. Adams, Owner Sound Wave One © 2023 used by permission

*** Music Review by Jacqueline Jax , Hostess of Avalive Radio & Editor and CEO of Indie Music Spin Magazine.

"I think that country music is making a comeback, and Southern Rock is leading the way. Of course, Southern rock has always been popular with those who love to listen to classic rock tunes because of its gritty style and dynamic productions. I'm happy to say there are plenty of artists still producing amazing music in this genre to keep the torches alive. One amazing band that has my attention is Lyn_Sey, the southeastern U.S. based sibling duo formed in 2019. I just listened to their newest Southern Rock single ‘Southern to the Bone’ and I'm hooked. Their music has a really cool mix of old school country rock, southern blues and classic rock that will appeal to just about anyone who enjoys listening to great music. I love how their guitar riffs sound so authentic and feel like they're coming from a place deep within the soul. The guitars sing with energy and spirit. The vocals are soulful delivering a kind of southern anthem that’s full of life, fun and passion. It's an awesome song."

"It's really truly remarkable when you get to hear some amazing music. As a music reviewer I've been exposed to all genre of music. One most recently a truly amazing and song that has true texture and true southern vibes throughout. The music artist name is Lyn_Sey. Her most recent release is called "Southern to the Bone.The song has an amazing vibe that runs throughout the song, and one can actually feel the proverbial punch in the gut. Lyn_Sey has the amazing ability to convey this feeling through her textured style vocals bring exceptional attention to detail and allows the listener to feel- and truly understand the definition of "Southern to the Bone. " Lyn-Sey is a class of her own and her music truly defines the "what's" and the "how's" of a remarkable singer and songwriter. The song truly needs to be heard. I as a music reviewer,  music consultant and radio station owner- I absolutely welcome Lyn_Sey with open arms of total excitement and real true appreciation for her craft that truly stands out amongst some of the best in the music industry. I look forward to hearing more from Lyn_Sey as time goes by and have a gut feeling that she's not going to stand idle with her music that says so much and has the feelings to go along with it. To hear this amazing song please tune into my radio show on the record with Steven F Adams on Friday afternoon at 12pm pst"


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