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About Us 

We're Lyn_Sey…...the Southeastern U.S. based sibling duo formed in 2019 out of our mutual love of music. Sis writes the songs, sings, and does most of the promo and social media interaction. Bro does the instrumental/vocal arrangements and other behind the scenes tasks. Our backgrounds have always had us being involved in different aspects of the music industry. Bro was in radio for several years while Sis was in another group in which she wrote the music and sang.


The formation of this group was divinely orchestrated as the plans to bring us together were prepared even before we knew. We like to describe our musical style as a collaboration of blending old school with modern elements. Our forte is not being tied down to a specific genre of music but love different styles such as country, pop, Americana, gospel, funk, R&B, jazz and rock.


“We are excited about our journey and love the creative process of seeing the evolution of a song's inception to the final production.” Through our faith-based mission Lyn_Sey hopes our music will cause people of all ages and cultures to sing, dance, cry and be inspired.

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