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Welcome to the online home of  Lyn_Sey. We are honored to have you here! Lynne & Mark want to thank you for all of your support this past year, and look forward to all of the possibilities waiting in 2024! 

The Appalachian duo, Lyn_Sey, celebrates the Easter season with a new song about the life, death, mission and victory that was (and still is) Christ Jesus . Righteous Man is Lyn_Sey's first Inspirational Song of 2024 and is  now  available  on  your favorite streaming site from SisBro Music.

More likely than not, your “Real Thing” appears from the most unexpected places, or times, or circumstances. Just in time for Valentines Day, Lyn_Sey is back to celebrate when the stars in your eyes aligned with the stars in your significant other’s eyes.

The new year  not  only  brings  new music from Lyn_Sey, but a new attitude from this multi-award winning  sibling  duo from the North   Georgia   mountains. Get  ready  to fall  in  love  with  “My Piece Of Paradise.” It’s Sis peeling back and sharing her most vulnerable  work  to  date.

Life isn’t easy. Often, it’s not what we are handed but how we handle it. Winners win because they know they can, and do! Lyn_Sey explores this principle in their new funk-i-fied single. Once again the award winning Lyn_Sey wows with this unexpected genre.  Check out “Alright”.  You’ll be tapping and snapping to the beat of this brand new feel good, inspirational track!

Lyn_Sey's newest single takes these Georgia Mountain siblings back to their country roots with the thought provoking "Mrs. Right". Steven F. Adams of Sound Wave One and host of "On The Record" & "In My Dreams Radio" says, "From the amazing and talented music of Lyn_Sey, this is going to be epic." We hope you'll enjoy "Mrs. Right".

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Once again, Lyn_Sey takes you on a sonic journey you didn’t hear coming. It’s the journey of realizing the depth, majesty and infiniteness of hearing the voice of God and discovering all you have longed for is fulfilled in that moment. SisBro Music is proud to present “I Hear You Callin',” the latest single from Lyn_Sey! 

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