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Once again, Lyn_Sey takes you on a sonic journey you didn’t hear coming. It’s the journey of realizing the depth, majesty and infiniteness of hearing the voice of God and discovering all you have longed for is fulfilled in that moment. SisBro Music is proud  to present “I Hear You Callin',” the latest single from Lyn_Sey!

Lyn_Sey is back with the follow up to "Borderline"... the fun and edgy anthem "Southern To The Bone." Being from the South we sometimes get flack about our accent, our way of life and our eating habits but there are some great things to be said about living here - things we can and should be proud of. You can take the guy/gal out of the South but you can't take the South out of them  ...y'all!! 

Accolades  & Awards

"Remember You" reached #1 on the Indie Chart February 4, 2023 and was #1 on KB Country's Juke Box 25 in August 2022


 "You're Gonna Miss Me" received the Global Music Awards R&B Bronze Medal in December 2022 as well as World Songwriting Awards Best R&B Song Top 10 Finalist - Summer 2022.

Thank you Lyn_Sey Nation!!

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