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"Lyn_Sey returns with the ballad 'Remember You.' Having had the song on repeat for a fair few times, I can say the results are quite simply sensational. With its compelling vocal performances, brilliant arrangement, and abundant melody, 'Remember You' is a

country lover's dream."

Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay.

Other Reviews

Lyn_Sey 's  "You're Gonna Miss Me"  is sexy, polished and has a smooth rhythm and flow...full of emotion and depth."

Kristina Mondo of Radio Airplay


Lyn_Sey Is Back With What Could Be This Year's Summer Sound Track, "Good Ole Summertime." Steven Azami Of Radio Airplay Says, "Everyone loves a Summer anthem, and this one is remarkable."

Good Ole Summer Time Final.jpg

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SisBro Music is the company that handles the publishing, recording, mixing, mastering and sync licensing for Lyn_Sey. If you would like to learn more about Lyn_Sey and our music, here's how to get in touch.


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