Introducing:  Lyn_Sey

Northern Lights

Lyn_Sey , pronounced Lin-ZEE’, noun : popular music form combining different styles into a new celebratory multi-genre delicacy.

Lyn_Sey, pronounced Lin-ZEE’, verb: the act of savoring the flavor of a mixture of genres into a delightful  single listening experience.

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Our Reviews

“Lyn_Sey gives a tremendously emotive and delicate performance that is thoroughly engaging and very well-accomplished. You can't help but feel invested in. There is something here for everyone to enjoy! Great stuff! ”

-Andre Avanessian, Radio Airplay


“Quality song craft…fantastic work, from top to bottom.”

-Steven Azami​, Radio Airplay

Savor The Sound

Are you ready to Lyn_Sey? Click on the "Music" link at the top of this page. There, you will be taken to your own private listening party. Check out samples of each track on Lyn_Sey's brand new album,

Your Story. Plus, you can down load the entire album straight from many of your favorite streaming services.

Bon appetit!


About Lyn_Sey


Lyn_Sey was formed in 2019 out of a pair of sibling's love for music.  The group's forte is the collective collaboration of blending  old school with modern elements. They aren't tied down to a specific genre but enjoy writing and producing songs from a variety of styles from country, pop, southern rock, jazz, R&B, funk, gospel and inspirational.


Their faith based mission is to be creatively challenged and fulfilled as they enjoy this music journey they find themselves on and hope that listeners of all ages and cultures will dance, laugh, sing, cry and be inspired by their musical offerings. 


SisBro Music is the company that handles the publishing, recording, mixing, mastering and sync licensing for Lyn_Sey.

Savor The Sound
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SisBro Music

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